We're growing new things all the time.  Here are our regular and most popular products.


Although the number of animals we have is constantly changing, our Holstein and Jersey dairy cows are the mainstays of our farm.  The calves they produce make up our veal herd and breeding stock and their milk feeds everyone, the calves, the pigs and us!


Ethical "Rose" veal

'Rose veal' is pale pink and very tender.  It is not white like conventional veal because it is not raised like conventional veal.  Our calves are raised together in large pens and have access to pasture in good weather.  Calves are typically Holsteins and Jersey and sometimes Angus and Hereford bulls either born on our farm or on a neighbouring dairy farm.  They are fed milk, hay and grain until they're a fat and obnoxious 600-800 pounds.  Our animals are rarely if ever medicated and, although we do our best to prevent illnesses and injuries, we only use medications if they are truly necessary. 

Veal is sold by the side or whole from the farm and in smaller quantities at the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market in Woodstock, NB. Look for the Becaguimec Farm sign on the freezer.  Veal can be custom cut at our local abattoir.  Because the meat is very lean we recommend thicker cuts and remind our customers that one must take care not to overcook.

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Pastured pork

Our pigs have access to pasture in good weather.  They graze with the cattle and wallow in a llarge pasture at the front of the farm and can often be seen from the road.  Piglets are farrowed on site in large pens and have the run of the yard until they are weaned. We keep around 4 sows at a time and a boar.  Our sows, Violet, Edna, Tanya, and Twyla came from a large pork facilities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  They are mixtures of Landrace, Yorkshire, and Duroc (a result of intentional breeding to gain optimal characteristics... more bacon). With the new addition of Clarence (Larry) our Duroc boar, we anticipate four to eight litters of piglets per year. 

Pork is sold by the side or whole from the farm and can be custom cut at our local abattoir.

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Turkeys and chickens

Our chickens arrive in the spring as one day old chicks.  Turkeys arrive a few weeks later as gangly four-week-olds.  While the chickens stay in a free run coop with our egg layers, the turkeys have the run of the yard until they get so big they start eating the shrubs then they live in a coop with a large outdoor run. 

In 2015, along with the typical Meat King chickens we raised Sasso Coq coloré T55, hoping to add some diversity to the chicken meat supply in the area, but our customers unanimously preferred the Meat Kings.  We take customer feedback very seriously, so we're sticking with the Meat Kings.

Our turkeys are Broad Breasted White, the most popular commercial turkey variety. Broad Breasted White are currently the only variety available to us that are efficient to raise.  Of course we are always looking for better varieties and are open to suggestions.  Unfortunately, we are unable to house wild turkeys.  

Chickens and turkeys are sold whole and can be ordered in the spring.  We offer discounts for orders of higher quantities.  Chickens are ready for purchase throughout the summer and fall.  Turkeys are ready for Thanksgiving.

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When there is a surplus, we sell piglets at 4-6 weeks.  Until then, they run in gangs, destroy everything they can get their snouts on, and generally outwit us at every turn.  Oh they look cute, but they are like super intelligent puppies.  Beware.

Raise one in your backyard for DYI bacon!

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Breeding Stock

Registered Jersey and Holstein cattle, Landrace-Yorkshire and Duroc gilts and young boars, and pearl grey guinea fowl keets.

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Depending on the year, we grow cereals, legumes, and forages.  Our Certified Organic grains are verified by TransCanada Organic Certification Services (TCO) and are brokeredd locally through the New Brunswick Seed Grower's Cooperative. 

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